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Beyond Roofing...
Painting, Carpentry, Masonry Services and Interior Renovation

Painting and Construction

Montclair Roofing is one of New Jersey's top rated roofing companies. However, the company is a jack-of-all-trades and also offers a variety of complementary services. Alex's team of expert, cross-trained professionals also specialize in masonry services and general contracting, including painting, carpentry, and interior renovation. Clients rave that Montclair Roofing offers a unique repertoire of services in addition to its noteworthy roofing and gutter services.


Montclair Roofing's team of expert painters tackle both interior and exterior painting projects. With an emphasis on detail, the company's painters meticulously prepare surfaces before transforming clients' walls with a brand new finish. Since Alex and his team are known for their exceptional roofing and gutter services, many clients hire Montclair Roofing for an entire exterior renovation. Homeowners and business owners who are looking to revamp their property's appearance hire Montclair Roofing to work on their roof, gutter, and exterior walls. Additionally, if you are looking just for a simple painting job for your residential or commercial property, Montclair Roofing is the expert to call.


If you're looking to hire an expert carpenter, Montclair Roofing has the right crew for the job! With over a decade of carpentry experience, Alex and his team specialize in building doors, windows, and staircases for both residential and commercial properties. In the case that your home or business' structures or fixtures need repair, Montclair Roofing will get the job done efficiently and make them look as good as new!


Among Montclair Roofing's team of cross-trained professionals are expert masons. Known for installing gorgeous outdoor patios and fireplaces, Alex and his team bring clients' outdoor visions to life. With years of experience installing front steps, driveways, and sidewalks, Montclair Roofing truly offers top-notch masonry services.

Beyond Painting

Overall, Montclair Roofing proves to be more than just a roofing company. Alex and his team's combined decades of experience and unique capabilities truly set Montclair Roofing apart from competitors. Whether you're searching for a company to install or repair your roof, transform your property with a painting job, build a new indoor staircase, or add a beautiful touch to your backyard with a patio, Montclair Roofing is the company to call. Contact us at 973-444-0808 or email us.