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Nestled with the heart of Bergen County, Englewood is just ten miles from Times Square. The city brings the finest of both worlds - a bustling downtown center with great restaurants and shops, and a charming town with unmatched diversity. Touted as the City of Trees, Englewood, unlike other towns, it prides itself on a unique set of destinations such as a regional performing arts destination, the BergenPac, a major regional health center, the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, and a nature preserve located a few minutes from the George Washington Bridge, the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, and various houses of worship. Englewood has both a big city and small-town aura. Being a suburb of New York City, Englewood has a population of about 30,000. It lies crosswise of the Hudson River from New York's Bronx borough.

The community in Englewood is home to many businessmen, lawyers, engineers, artists, sports figures, entertainment icons, and professors, including the Englwood Roofing Company. The city is the birth town of famous people, including John Travolta, the movie actor, Jacklyn Zeman, a soap opera actress, Lady Luck, a rapper, and the iconic R&B singer, Regina Belle.

The Birth of Englewood, NJ

Englewood was founded as part of Hackensack in 1647 after been separated for urban development as Englewood townshMarch 2271. On March 22, 1871, Hackensack Township became subdivided into some three new townships. Lasting just short of 25 years, Englewood Township waMarch 17ved on 17 March 1899. The three townships that were formed from Hackensack Township were Palisade Township comprising the northernmost portion, the Englewood Township comprising the center strip, and the Ridgefield Township comprising the southernmost part. The implementation of a new Borough Act by the NEW Jersey Legislature encouraged the creation of new-fangled municipalities.

Following a series of township creations including Teaneck, Bergenfield, and Englewood CliffsMarch 171890s, March 17, 1899, Englewood Township combined with portions of Ridgefield Township forming what is today the city of Englewood, NJ. Englewood Township was dissolved after the formation of the City of Englewood.

Living in Englewood

The city of Englewood is mostly residential with some light manufactures including pharmaceuticals, leather go's, metal products, an ' food products, amocity'sers. In 1951, the city's telephone system became the first in the US to provide direct dialing services for long-distance calls. Living in Englewood offers residents a suburban, urban mix feel where many residents own their homes. Many young professionals and families live in the city, and the residents are considered liberal.

The Englewood Public School District comprises a comprehensive community school district serving students in pre-kindergarten to the twelfth grade. There are five public schools within the Englewood Public school District. These schools serve over 3000 students. Dr. Leroy Mccloud Elementary School, Dwight Morrow High School, and Dr. John Grieco Elementary School are among the top-ranked public schools.

Living in Englewood offers you a fulfilling experience. The city has a livability score of 68/100 and is ranked with the 52nd percentile of the entire towns across the United States. Englewood has higher grades for amenities, employment, and crime. That being said, housing tends to cost more than in other cities. Based on the city's proximity of amenities like restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, libraries, and parks, Englewood receives a higher than average score compared to other cities.

With its close proximity to New York City, Englewood has a transport system that connects to various cities.

Local Business in Englewood

Englewood has a network of independently owned businesses including gift shops, boutiques, restaurants, mom-and-pop hardware stores, and others. These businesses compete against malls and big box stores or even online retailers like Amazon. Laboratorio Kitchen, for example, is a specialty eatery business where you maybe won't find it in yelp searches. This eatery brings you chef competition show where you find chefs trying to showcase the art of preparing high-scale meals.

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The Future of Englewood, NJ

Englewood has had impressive progress in economic growth, climate action, sustainability, and infrastructure.

The vision of Englewood is to have wealth for the residents of the Central Business District. Things like spas as well as service businesses comprising cafes where people can relax in comfort enjoying a healthy meal is one of the developments that the city looks forward to having. Also, the city strives to have more community centers to help bring people together where the old and the young can participate in culinary arts and enjoy entertainment with positive neighborhood experience in the CBD. The experience of Englewood downtown, including the authenticity of strolling and walking down the city street, is one thing you cannot find online or experience in a mall. The city strives to have community and social events like the wonderful Art Walk Festival to help ignite a vibrant social life.

Having a tremendous infrastructure is among the challenges the city faces. The city looks forward to creating walking and biking paths offering age-friendly riding experiences.

Amazon may have consumed the retail world in Englewood; however, local businesses are still thriving. Englewood has been a bedroom community to United State's Wall Street. It features extraordinary diversity as well as respect for development and advancement within the sphere of musical arts. That being said, the city has its topography, natural growth, and no wonder it's regarded as the City of Trees. It has opened up spaces and green acres to help build its natural wonder.